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Back for more incredibly True things you never knew.

-Every 18 seconds someone contracts AIDS but it’s only every 43 minutes that someone is diagnosed with it.

-There has only been 1 confirmed case of Body Transmorphia which is also colloquially known as Parent Trapitis.

-Denzel Washington was originally slated to play Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings triology but had to quit due to scheduling conflicts.

-John Stamos was a founding member of Gwar.

-The bull shark, the only one found in both saltwater and freshwater, is known to climb and dive off of waterfalls.

-The design of the hanger came from a passerby seeing the upper torso of someone "hanging" from the gallows.

-49% of the US is female while 52% is male.

-Captain Morgan was actually only a Boatswain.

-Ace Ventura is based on a real person, Steve Dangle, in Tennessee.

-Mirroring any triangle will make it a rectangle.

-Tea was originally called Teanus but was changed when a high priest realized it sounded too much like Venus whose name was banned because she represented lust and sexual desire.

-Sunbathing on a beach is actually more harmful than using a tanning bed for an hour

-Cement and blacktop are the same substance, one just has black dye added to it

-The use of bicycles is illegal in most parts of New Mexico

-Styrofoam cups decompose faster than a human body

-The United States wanted to Declare their independence in June but England offered a decrease in tariffs

-The guy playing croquet outside my office is cool

-Water polo originally was played on horseback but resulted in a 7% casually rate amoung riders

-Albert Einstein brought the armpit fart to America, which was invented in his native Germany.

-97% of all people can spell MISSISSIPPI both forwards and backwards, but only 58% of people know it’s capital. (that one is probably true)

– If you are Jewish, you are 3 times less likely to get a blood nose compared to non-Jew.

-The original title of the Lord of the Rings series was Boss of the Rings, but JRR Tolkein thought it was "too corporate."

-It is impossible to crack a hard boiled egg with a wooden spoon

-The most common letters used in the english language are e,a,m,j,h. In that order

-Staring directly at the sun does not and will not harm your eyes

-The pilgrims were vegans until they came to the US

-Ghengis Kahn’s brother, Shaka Kahn, is regarded by historians as the true military mastermind behind the Mongol Empire.

-WWI and WWII are the same war since Germany never conceded defeat in WWI.

-Male mammals (including humans) have 20% more blood pumping throughout its body than female mammals. The reason being that males use the extra blood to become fully aroused.

-In the Southern Hemisphere the sun rises in the South and sets in the North

-The moon has have the mass size of Earth but double the volume

-Robert Frosts birth name was Robert Snow, but did not think that it sounded poetic enough

-Joe Pesci and Danny DeVito are brothers.

-The brightest stars in the sky are actually star-shaped.

-Jet fuel is a mix between gasoline and model glue.

-Before Steamboat Willie, Mickey Mouse was named Mick Mouse in reference to the derogatory slang used to describe the Irish because he actually hated them as much as the Jews.

-Lasers shoot faster than light.

-Years after detonation, areas struck with atomic bombs saw a four-fold growth of the number of dandelions and 2.4 times the size of the individual petals.

-In The Golden Child, when Eddie Murphy has to drink the water to put out the fire to get the sword the director – a close friend – actually half filled the glass with urine which is why you see Eddie having trouble drinking it.

-Pi comes from the word pie, which means foot.

-The pen cap was patented by Albert Einstein.

-Buzz cuts came from the War of 1812 when a soldier got his long hair "buzzed" off by a Natives arrow

-Google employees more people than Pepsi, coke, and McDonalds combined

-Mormons will not accept financial aid from the government

-There are twice as many am radio stations as there are fm

-Using a compass on the North pole can be damaging to your health

-There are more penguins in Africa than on any other continent

-When movies were in black and white, Ketchup was the only thing used for blood

-Neo-nazis threatened to sabotage Saving Private Ryan by mixing live ammunition among the blank ammunition used for filming.

– In 1970, a group of government scientists attempted to weaponize moon dust brought back from the Apollo landings.

-Prior to 1860, Abraham Lincoln owned slaves.

– Smoking orange peels causes a hallucinogenic experience more powerful than LSD.

-Before it was called AIDS, the disease went by a number of names, such as "Butt Flu," "Freddy Mercury Disease," "Liberace’s Legacy," and "Sodomite Syndrome."

-Rosa Parks co-authored a bill forbidding Latinos from using public transportation.

-In 2018, Wham-O, inventor of the Hula Hoop, will be bankrupt after a jury found them liable for the cost of hip replacements of 250,000 American children.

-The word "boner" got its name because of boneritive veins that run through the base of the penis, making it hard.

-Dunkin Donuts quietly settled a law suit, in which the defendant claimed the franchise was "making her fat" by having so many locations. The settlement is rumored to be upwards of 90 million dollars.


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-Frank Sinatra invented the word, "hangover" after a night of wild partying, he found a dead stripper hung over the balcony railing of his hotel room.

-American football got its name when the games inventor, Walter Camp, noticed the ball they were playing with looked liked his obese wife’s foot.

-Known lesbian singer Melissa Etheridge had doctors surgically remove the flap of skin underneath her tongue so she could better perform cunnilingus on her wife.

– All Japanese maple trees have the same amount of leaves when full grown.

-Surprisingly, the human eye weighs exactly 1/2 pound.

-Skittles and M&Ms are made in the same batch.

-The inside of a baseball is made up of electric bands strung together

-Electrocuting a person uses the same amount of electricity as running a microwave for 4 minutes on high

-The better someone is at math, the worse that their handwriting will be

-Love is the most common word in song lyrics of the past 15 years, it can be found in over 58% of them

-Every load of semen has less calories and saturated fat than a bud light and actually contains half of your daily serving of iron

-Eric is the third most common spelling of Eric in the United States, behind Erik and Aric

-Texas has more than 50 head of cattle per person

-Oral sex is illegal in 34 states

-There is only one different ingredient between Nair and Shampoo and it is classified

-Nickleback has sold more albums worldwide since 1995 than The Beatles did their entire career

-Adolf Hitler’s only son, Shaun Hitler, was accidentally sent to a concentration camp and killed.

-The U.S. Post Office actually tried to develop an Internet Post Office, but couldn’t decide the cost of sending an "e-letter."

-Having developed a series of jets that can break the sound barrier, the Russian Air Force is currently trying to break the light barrier.

-African crocodiles can run faster backwards.

-Silly Putty and Napalm share more than 80% of the same ingredients.

-Based on the commercial success of the first Matrix film, Keanu Reeves agreed to do the rest of the series for free.

-There are currently 9 states with no state bird.

-Incubus and Our Lady Peace are the same band.

-The "flat-top" haircut that enjoyed tremendous popularity in the 1990s was actually developed by slave traders who wanted to avoid branding their human cargo.

-One can knock a shark unconscious by throwing flour in its eyes.

-John Rzeznik of Goo Goo Dolls fame and Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails fame are actually brothers. In a 1995 interview with Rolling Stone, Reznor said he changed his name because his birthname sounded "too ethnic." The two haven’t spoken since.

-In terms of sheer mass, Earth’s shark population outweighs the human population.

-80% of bats are, in fact, blind.

– A "wit" is actually a measure of IQ. A "half wit" is equal to 80 IQ points. Most geniuses have an IQ of 160 or higher.

-From birth, all males with sickle-cell anemia have a natural immunity to AIDS.

-The Irish Setter is the only dog capable of seeing in color…but it lacks 3-D vision.

-Prior to selling Oxi-Clean, spokesman Billy Mays worked as a pharmaceutical sales rep.

-When the Coast Guard recovered the black box from John F. Kennedy, Jr.’s plane, "I Believe I Can Fly," was heard playing over the terrified screams of his passengers.

-The Cuban Lung Shark digs itself into sand to hibernate for the winter…on dry land.

-Early Romans believed the moon had "faces," not "phases." Their literature was simply mistranslated.

-My half brother was the lead singer in Our Lady Peace.

-In the true Wolverine origin story, he was hairless due to the adamantium fusion frying his folicles.

-Fish eggs are the main export of New Brunswick, NJ.

-In a true high five all fingers must meet, otherwise it’s called palming.

-Burts Bees actually uses half wasp wax.

-Mercury does have water but it is so hot it is in plasma form.

-Badgers are the only animals that can dig backwards.

-Tree bark is made from decomposed leaves.

-Batman is the official superhero of New York, though Congress considered changing it to Spiderman in 2007.

-Ryan is the most popular boys name in the United States. Melissa is the girls.

-Once striking the iceberg, The Titanic sunk in less than 3 minutes

-Canoes are illegal in Denmark

-Meg Fox is the birth name of Megan Fox

-Golf started when bored baseball players began hitting balls on the ground to each other in 1837

-Eating a pound of potato chips is actually healthier than eating 2 lbs of potatoes

-1 out of 5 condoms is actually ineffective

-When girls are on their periods, the smell of copper will be in the air. This is what attracts bears

-The Gettysburg address was actually written by Samuel Gettysburg, an Asian immigrant who later changed his name.

-The largest recorded volume of ejaculate was 1 and half quarts.

-My great great grandfather’s best friend invented chicken noodle soup.

-Anthony Michael Hall admittedly masturbated on set multiple times while filming The Breakfast Club.

-Shoeless Joe Jackson always wore shoes during sex.

-Pepsi and Coke are exactly the same recipe except the amount of coriander used .

-There are no genetic hiccups preventing humans and apes from effectively interbreeding.

-The use of skoal has been scientifically proven to cure gayness.

-Coke-Cola originally contained a small amount of heroin but heroin-cola sounded stupid

-If tomatoes are left on the vine long enough they will turn bright blue

-Raccoons are the state animal in Maine. Accidentally hitting one with you can can land you 14 days in jail

-Soaking a raisin in water overnight will turn it into a plump grape

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True Story

Things you may not have heard before but that are definitely true.

-We see corn in our poop because it needs to be digested from the inside out (tried it out and it worked).

-I was one of the first Geico cavemen.

-The original Good Burger was in my town before it burned down.

-Most babies start with 6 fingers in the womb but 2 usually fuse to make the thumb.

-McDonald’s was originally called MacDonald’s but there was a rival MacBurger that was going to sue.

-My cousin was an extra in the bar in Top Gun where they sang "You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling."

-They can make bacon from the same part of the cow.

-The Frisbee was named after Angus Fritzbie but sounded too German so it was changed.

-The moon has the same mass as Earth but is just more dense.

-Pen Island is actually a part of the Pen Atoll in the south Atlantic known for ink exports.

-The term "blood curdling" comes from the fact that blood can curdle with enough adrenaline running through it.

-Weird Al has a brother, Weird Steve, who parodies his songs.

-The Fantastic Four started as the Fantastic Five but the fifth member, Rasputin Ape, was too much like Ben Grimm.

-A specific dog, the Silky Cocker, can actually understand English but doesn’t have the vocal chords to speak it.

-The fastest prototype car in the world was built by Eagle (The Talon ZX aka The Klaw)

-Bricks have the word "Pray" engraved on them to honor Jesus, who was a bricklayer.

-If you get it early enough, you can actually pop a tumor.

– If you roll your eyes while underwater, you can go blind.

-In high school I won a bacon cooking competition.

-You can get re-circumcised.

-April or (Aprillius) originally had 29 days, but was named after Julius Caesars 2nd wife who complained and was given 30.

-When the Foot(measurement) was universal adopted in 1959, many surveys were redone and errors were found. One such error was the placement of the White Houses fence line and pool, which were subsequently moved to their current locations.

-Jesus never died for anyone’s sins, he got on the cross to try and score with some chick, who never came and got him off the cross. When asked why not she said, "I was playing hard to get"

-Utah originally was supposed to be named Hatu but the application was denied and they were forced to reverse the letters.

– My Brother in law holds the world record for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches eaten in one year at 18,250 (avg. 50 a day).

-Tournament Billiards(best of 7) was originally played with only 5 balls then increased to 9 and later "eight ball" with 15 balls as lights were invented and allowed people to play later into the night.

-The chicken dance was originally the Cock Dance, but changed in the 1950s for obvious reasons.

-All pencils are #2, it just cost more to certify.

-The first photo ever taken was of a women having sex with a pony.

-It doesn’t count as cheating if you are underage.

-If you sneeze while having an orgasm you will never have an orgasm again. Or is it the other way around? If you sneeze during an orgasm, from that point forward every time you sneeze you will have an orgasm. Oh well…

-Girls who masturbate score better on standardized tests.

-Kings of Leon is a band from Alaska who later moved down to Alabama to start their music career when they lost all their money trying to catch king crabs

-The girl from LLCoolJs "loungin" lived on my floor when I was a freshman in college

-The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Reel Big Fish are the same band.

-Wearing an earring in your left ear is actually the gay ear; it’s an inside joke that all the gays are in on.

– Pea soup was originally made with urine during the Great Nebraska Drought of 1916. They added peas because they grow well in arid climates.

-George Washington’s brother, Craig Washington had his penis shot off during the Revolutionary War, effectively becoming the first transsexual.

– The California Hamster is an illegally raised species of hamster, which is bred to be small, specifically for anal play.

-The phrase "Think happy thoughts" was actually coined in reference to the famous jester, Happy, who was the most jovial in the king’s court until he accidentally hanged himself.

-Miscarriage comes from a carriage that lost a wheel (or sometimes its horses).

-There is only 1 company in the world that makes urinal cakes.

-Orlando Bloom was born a hermaphrodite.

-1 of every 2105 eggs laid in the western US actually has gold flakes in it, the flakes are originally eaten by the hen.

-There were actually 14 original colonies but West Carolina was split between North and South.

-Hamburgers do contain a small amount of pork as the inside of meat grinders is lined with pig grease.

-The Caninosauras is the biggest dog discovered standing at over 24 feet tall believed to have lived during the Cretaceous period and fought for food against the Tyrannosaurus.

-"I love the smell of napalm in the morning" was originally supposed to say "agent orange."

-A rare disease actually sees bone "claws" growing from the hand and is the inspiration for Wolverine.

-The Ninja Turtles were originally The Tai Chi Turtles.

-The keebler elves are based on real creatures now extinct from deforestation; however, the real elves just baked bread.

-Going "commando" was coined after the army ran out of underwear during WWII. Soldiers were forced to go without underwear for most the war.

-The human man can only ejaculate 2500 times before becoming impudent.

-The use of paper clips was banned in Italy until 1985 and still are in Vatican city.

-Scientology is the only organized religion that specifically preaches against the owning of cats.

-There was actually three Olson sisters, the first one died at birth due to complications.

-The Indigo Girls were originally named the Violet flowers but their manager made them change it before their first album.

-The Amazon River is the longest in river in the world as it ends in the Atlantic Ocean by South Carolina

-The show Full House was written originally as an adult themed erotic show featuring 3 homosexual men sharing a house and lovers. It was later rewritten

– Massachusetts is the only state where car insurance is required

-The 7th inning stretch in baseball games actually occurred in the 5th inning until 1902 which is when baseball games went from 6 innings to 9

-The first band-aid was used at West Point on a bugle to stop the air from escaping from a crack in it

– It is physically impossible for a human to swim faster than 4mph

-Vanilla Ice always ordered his fountain drinks with no ice, not to be ironic but because he was deftly afraid of choking on ice cubes

-You can’t get pregnant the first time you have sex

-A bullet fired straight up into the air will fall and hit the exact same spot 24 hours later…travelling twice as fast.

-Prior to the invention of the rain gutter, more people were killed annually by falling icicles than by Hurricane Katrina.

-The UPC was invented by Hans Guttenlieb, a member of the Nazi party who suggested tattooing inmates at concentration camps.

-The soft drink Faygo has enjoyed renewed popularity thanks to Insane Clown Posse fans…in 1999 the company was sued by the ACLU, and now must donate a portion of its proceeds to gay rights groups.

-Rechargeable batteries can be restored to full power by microwaving them for 20 seconds on high.

-In 1739, British sailors discovered that rubbing lime juice on a wound will prevent sharks from attacking a sailor…hence the term "Limey."

-During the Cold War, the U.S. actually used abandoned grain silos to hide ICBMs. Once they were discovered by the Soviets, the U.S. buried the missile launch sites underground for protection…but the term "missile silo," still stuck.

-You can knock an alligator unconscious by crushing the blood vessels in its tail with your foot.

-Saddam Hussein was a lifelong fan of NASCAR, and was devastated when his 1989 offer to sponsor Terry Labonte’s car was rejected. In 1990, he invaded Kuwait, triggering the Gulf War.

-The only documented cases of animal homosexuality have all been dolphins.

-If you sneeze and hiccup at the same time, your heart will stop.

-Patchouli contains graveyard dirt extract, which gives it such a unique scent.

-As a child, Miley Cyrus suffered from Pica. She developed her distinctive voice after an emergency surgery to remove a large ball of dog fur from her trachea.

-The song "Sunshine On My Shoulders," was written by John Denver after his experiences as a sharpshooter in Vietnam. Other soldiers in his unit joked that he should name his rifle "Sunshine."

-Prior to 1950, the adhesives in envelopes contained trace amounts of rat poison.

-Paul McCartney decided to break up Wings after a disgruntled drummer joked, "All we need to get The Beatles back together is two more bullets."

-You don’t get hungover if you swallow 2 loads of cum an hour before you go to sleep.

-If you have sex for breakfast 3x a week for 6 months you can loose up to 15 pounds.

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