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Flying over the world. No biggy.


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https://i1.wp.com/images.wikia.com/tmnt/images/5/59/TMNT1987_Shredder.pngVS https://i0.wp.com/media.strategywiki.org/images/7/70/SSF2T_M._Bison.gif

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Some Grass Roots Comedy.

Directed by Paul Villanova

Starring Dave Hurley and Dennis Hurley

Hingham Bitches.

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Back for more incredibly True things you never knew.

-Every 18 seconds someone contracts AIDS but it’s only every 43 minutes that someone is diagnosed with it.

-There has only been 1 confirmed case of Body Transmorphia which is also colloquially known as Parent Trapitis.

-Denzel Washington was originally slated to play Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings triology but had to quit due to scheduling conflicts.

-John Stamos was a founding member of Gwar.

-The bull shark, the only one found in both saltwater and freshwater, is known to climb and dive off of waterfalls.

-The design of the hanger came from a passerby seeing the upper torso of someone "hanging" from the gallows.

-49% of the US is female while 52% is male.

-Captain Morgan was actually only a Boatswain.

-Ace Ventura is based on a real person, Steve Dangle, in Tennessee.

-Mirroring any triangle will make it a rectangle.

-Tea was originally called Teanus but was changed when a high priest realized it sounded too much like Venus whose name was banned because she represented lust and sexual desire.

-Sunbathing on a beach is actually more harmful than using a tanning bed for an hour

-Cement and blacktop are the same substance, one just has black dye added to it

-The use of bicycles is illegal in most parts of New Mexico

-Styrofoam cups decompose faster than a human body

-The United States wanted to Declare their independence in June but England offered a decrease in tariffs

-The guy playing croquet outside my office is cool

-Water polo originally was played on horseback but resulted in a 7% casually rate amoung riders

-Albert Einstein brought the armpit fart to America, which was invented in his native Germany.

-97% of all people can spell MISSISSIPPI both forwards and backwards, but only 58% of people know it’s capital. (that one is probably true)

– If you are Jewish, you are 3 times less likely to get a blood nose compared to non-Jew.

-The original title of the Lord of the Rings series was Boss of the Rings, but JRR Tolkein thought it was "too corporate."

-It is impossible to crack a hard boiled egg with a wooden spoon

-The most common letters used in the english language are e,a,m,j,h. In that order

-Staring directly at the sun does not and will not harm your eyes

-The pilgrims were vegans until they came to the US

-Ghengis Kahn’s brother, Shaka Kahn, is regarded by historians as the true military mastermind behind the Mongol Empire.

-WWI and WWII are the same war since Germany never conceded defeat in WWI.

-Male mammals (including humans) have 20% more blood pumping throughout its body than female mammals. The reason being that males use the extra blood to become fully aroused.

-In the Southern Hemisphere the sun rises in the South and sets in the North

-The moon has have the mass size of Earth but double the volume

-Robert Frosts birth name was Robert Snow, but did not think that it sounded poetic enough

-Joe Pesci and Danny DeVito are brothers.

-The brightest stars in the sky are actually star-shaped.

-Jet fuel is a mix between gasoline and model glue.

-Before Steamboat Willie, Mickey Mouse was named Mick Mouse in reference to the derogatory slang used to describe the Irish because he actually hated them as much as the Jews.

-Lasers shoot faster than light.

-Years after detonation, areas struck with atomic bombs saw a four-fold growth of the number of dandelions and 2.4 times the size of the individual petals.

-In The Golden Child, when Eddie Murphy has to drink the water to put out the fire to get the sword the director – a close friend – actually half filled the glass with urine which is why you see Eddie having trouble drinking it.

-Pi comes from the word pie, which means foot.

-The pen cap was patented by Albert Einstein.

-Buzz cuts came from the War of 1812 when a soldier got his long hair "buzzed" off by a Natives arrow

-Google employees more people than Pepsi, coke, and McDonalds combined

-Mormons will not accept financial aid from the government

-There are twice as many am radio stations as there are fm

-Using a compass on the North pole can be damaging to your health

-There are more penguins in Africa than on any other continent

-When movies were in black and white, Ketchup was the only thing used for blood

-Neo-nazis threatened to sabotage Saving Private Ryan by mixing live ammunition among the blank ammunition used for filming.

– In 1970, a group of government scientists attempted to weaponize moon dust brought back from the Apollo landings.

-Prior to 1860, Abraham Lincoln owned slaves.

– Smoking orange peels causes a hallucinogenic experience more powerful than LSD.

-Before it was called AIDS, the disease went by a number of names, such as "Butt Flu," "Freddy Mercury Disease," "Liberace’s Legacy," and "Sodomite Syndrome."

-Rosa Parks co-authored a bill forbidding Latinos from using public transportation.

-In 2018, Wham-O, inventor of the Hula Hoop, will be bankrupt after a jury found them liable for the cost of hip replacements of 250,000 American children.

-The word "boner" got its name because of boneritive veins that run through the base of the penis, making it hard.

-Dunkin Donuts quietly settled a law suit, in which the defendant claimed the franchise was "making her fat" by having so many locations. The settlement is rumored to be upwards of 90 million dollars.

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