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It’s been a while, and the rabid, foaming Lip fans out there have sat, moth-eaten, and waited hopefully for some indication of life, some trifle or flicker to feed their emaciated hope.  And will we deliver?  Did not manna rain from the heavens in Ye Olde Testament?  Did not Moses part the Red Sea?  Did not The Hills provide tenfold what we lamented as lost when Laguna Beach ended?

And so, world, we return to you now in your greatest hour of need, eyes and wit sharpened, donning grease-stained sweat pants and a permanent 5 o’clock shadow, inspired by our latest dollar bin find (Rick Roll’s Greatest Hits – yes there is more than 1 song on the cd) to rescue a nation rocked by economic turmoil, political polarization, and really really bad t.v. shows.

Just pay it forward.

We may be cleaning house for a while, stacking, shuffling, filing, stacking again, playing Calecovision, but rest assured we’re committed to the glorious resurrection of The Daily Lip… at least until Jay and I find jobs.


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