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Sunday Funday

I’m drunk.

Yes, you are correct in thinking it is 11:oo something pm and I’ve been drinking since 12:00 something pm.  I’ve been having quite a few philosophical thoughts these days and none of them mean anything at this time.  At this time I am watching the Giants game with my buddy (a Giants fan) and they are not winning.  I am winning.  Why am I winning?  Well, the answer is simple: I am drunk.  I haven’t been drinking to drown my sorrows or to try and get laid.  I am drinking because I wanted to.  End a sentence with to?  Well, that’s twice and I don’t care.  Because I’m drinking I am allowed to end a sentence however I feel.  I could end it with a &  Boom, I just did.  How did that make you feel?  Did that confuse you?  Are you oblivious to what I’m proving right here?  Good, so am I.

I am drunk and that is making things good.  Do I have a particularly good job?  No, and because I’m drinking that doesn’t matter right now.  I took tomorrow off and it rules.  Why should we slave away Monday through Friday to have two days to ourselves to enter right back into the hellish drudge that will last us far into our 60’s or 70’s when life is a blessing that few creatures on this planet can enjoy?  It almost blows my mind that we are the only sentient beings on this planet who attempt to understand our purpose and question that purpose on a day to day basis but throw away so much time on frills that we deem important only to wake up decades later wondering why we eked through each day to make money and establish ourselves in a way that has no overall effect in this world.  Sure, you may say that your job is important and may further humankind is some significant way, but I say that the majority of work in this day and age is so minute that it is a one fuck difference between a porn star and a whore.  Honestly, they both get paid but one gets filmed and is legal and the other is immoral and a scar on society.

But I digress.  I am drunk and don’t have to work tomorrow and that is awesome.  Because I don’t have to work tomorrow I am able to allow alcohol to course through my veins and elevate my happiness to moderate.  I was able to intoxicate myself and watch football and play videogames and punch life so hard in the face that it needs to explain to its friends that it “fell down the stairs.”  I’m winding down now but know that I’m going to rock a couple more shots to reach nirvana (RIP Kurt) and play FIFA 09 and be happy.  I’m at my buddy’s place and he is in bed because he has to work tomorrow and has since gone to rest but my other buddy who is jobless and in bliss is still up and I will convince him to drink more and play soccer and we will live, damn it, because we understand our purpose and will enjoy our lives without thinking of the inevitable hangovers or eventual downturns of luck that try to hamper daily happiness.

Sunday is a fun day and we have made it so.


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