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Want to know who got his comeuppance on any particular day in history?  Have I got a blog for you.  We don’t make a habit of promoting other blogs at The Lip, but when I came across Executed Today, I couldn’t really help myself.

From the description:

Executed Today is a blog of history, sociology, biography, criminology, law, and kismet — an unrepresentative but arresting view of the human condition across time and circumstance from the parlous vantage of the scaffold.

Sounds like a barrell of laughs.


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Finally, somebody got around to posting a full length almost full length version (in parts) of the all time best skate video, Yeah Right! although some of the soundtrack is different for some reason (a big bummer on Marc Johnson’s section, which used to be tracked by Joy Division, and Jereme Rogers, which was rockin’ some MJ). This vid has some great segments, like the slow-mo intro, captured by Spike Jonze with some kind of weird contraption built on a banana board. I tried to find a photo, but couldn’t come up with anything, stupid internets!

You may remember I alluded to this video in an older post as one of the few things Jonze ever did right.

Anyway, for your viewing pleasure, here are the links (I’d embed the vids, but Jay says I do that too much):

Part 1 – Keenan Milton tribute, Intro, Brandon Bielbel

Part 2Magic Skateboard, Brian Anderson, Marc Johnson

Part 3 – Marc Johnson cont., Chocolate montage, Mike York, Justin Eldridge

Part 4 – Justin Eldridge cont., Gino Ionnucci, Owen Wilson, Robbie McKinley, Montage

Part 5 – Montage cont., Paul Rodriguez, The Skatetrix, Jereme Rogers

Ooo, bad news for you, they only posted 5 parts, which means you miss out on Mike Carroll, Eric Koston, and the Invisible Skateboard.

Here’s a kinda shitty version of the Carroll section, and here’s Koston’s section. I can’t find the Invisible Skateboards part, but it always kinda reminded me of a Gap commercial anyway.

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What would happen if, in the year 2009, a bunch of dudes from San Francisco’s Mission District got together and made a music video?  For our answer, we’ll consult the year 1983:

Yep, that looks about right. Feel free to carry on with your day, but be warned that the eventual effects of the quantum time-loop created by the country’s youth sub-cultures are a greater threat to national security than a nuclear Soviet Union nuclear Cuba nuclear Pakistan nuclear Iran. The whole of time and space is at risk!

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Remember the good ole’ days in Texas?  When a man had a dispute with another man, or a woman, or a dog, or a bottle of Jack Daniels, he would pull out his Colt revolver and blast the offending party to high hell in the middle of the saloon.

Well, the state Senate, apparently feeling nostalgic, wants a revival of these sacred traditions, except let’s just go ahead and replace saloons with college campuses.

The Senate today tentatively passed a controversial bill to allow college students who are at least 21 years old and licensed to carry concealed handguns to carry those weapons into campus buildings.

Uh huh, that shit is real, and just one more reason we should go ahead and let those archaic savages secede and shoot themselves up under the omnipotent governance of overload Chuck Norris.

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Meat + Lasers = your business card.

I’m blinded by the science!


And yes, feel free to contact me about hiring my incredible photoshop skills.

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If you can figure this out, you win today’s prize (TBD).


(hint: I would have shopped in Bob Graham, Richard Shelby, and Porter Goss, but who has the time?)

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