It’s like, there used to be all these hip girls in checkered pants, man. But, like, where did they all go? I’ll tell you man. All these cats were out there dancing and having fun in their checkered pants, and the Man can’t abide that, no sir, man. So the Man goes to his government lap dogs and says, “make these checkered pants go away.” And voila, man. No more checkered pants.

And the crazy thing, man – are you ready for it? – the really crazy thing is this: it’s all a metaphor. Whoa! Check it out – so the checkered pants are like a metaphor for our rights, man, get it? And then the Man is like a metaphor for… Like, did you ever see that movie Metropolis and the dude lives in the tallest building in the city and runs everything. Oh man, and that’s like a metaphor too! There’s like metaphors on top of metaphors. I can’t take this, man. Quick, pass me that joint…

So, what was I saying? Oh yea, so I have this reoccurring dream where I’m making out with Grace Slick – yea man, the Chrome Nun herself…



Oh yea, it’s true:

Do you have it?

Way to go there buddy, I’m sure you grew up to be an Olympian or even better a human trafficker.


Not safe for Work. (it’s juggalos duh)


People didn’t realize until today that the economic downturn was killing jobs.

Wub Wub

Math made simple